Streamline your

data governance and quality

Unite your teams, and simplify the monitoring and governance of your data, from the control to the documentation stage

Collaborative and unifying tool

Standardized governance activities

Usability and seamless experience

French leader and sovereign technology

A modern and sovereign solution

 Because governing your data is governing your organization

Everything is centralized and integrated, from control to documentation

By choosing the Qualitadd digital solution, you simplify and standardize your organization's governance and data quality management, while enjoying a seamless and scalable user experience that federates all the contributors in your company in a collaborative way.

The Qualitadd platform not only provides data protection and security, but is also the only digital solution to natively link data governance and quality to other governance processes (internal control, management control, auditing...).

Our data quality software is also supported by a dedicated and extensive range of connectors allowing the integration of existing applications in an agile way.

Cutting-edge technology and usability

 to optimize service and productivity

As a sovereign and agile solution tailored to your organization, Qualitadd is committed to offer:

constantly renewed and improved usability

an increasingly modern tool at the cutting edge of technology

countless customization options without losing the scalable maintenance provided by the solution

Our platform is also able to integrate with almost all information systems, both internal and external, thanks to its constantly updated connectors.

As it keeps benefiting from the market innovations, our solution follows the evolution of your organization while maintaining a level of security and data protection in line with the current state of the art.

Industrialize at your own pace with more than

40 native connectors and APIs available

Outlook plug-in

Accessible directly from Outlook to drive adoption

Documentary base

Unique point of sharing and backup for your documentation

100% multilingual

Available in English and French, and optional support for all alphabets


Daily updates about the regulations that concern you

Online help

Customized functional and technical documentation

Instructional videos

Customized one-minute sequences for all your use cases

Dedicated support

Single point of contact from 9am to 6pm by phone and 24h/24 by e-mail


Regular satisfaction surveys sent to your users

Modules covering the entire spectrum of

data governance

By opting for the Qualitadd data governance solution, you benefit from a complete repository serving as a basis for your data governance management and strategy.

You also benefit from a clear and dynamic macro view of your data flows (lineage) as well as your governance process.

Multiple customizable data views are provided (usage, technical, organization, regulations, priorities) to optimize data governance.

To streamline and accelerate data upload, our modular solution supports a multitude of integration possibilities through a catalogue of more than 40 connectors.

In addition to offering an agile and customizable scaling, our tool also allows you to recover/leverage your data in multiple ways, according to your business needs and challenges.

A digital tool with standardized metrics for

consistent analysis and data-driven action plans

A solution for continuous quality improvement

  • Customizable data quality metrics
  • Repository of manual and automatic controls
  • Integration with third-party control systems
  • Tailor-made quality assessment campaigns
  • Control system for improvement measures

With constantly improved quality level and performance, the Qualitadd platform provides a centralized management and unified vision on all the controls in your organization.

In addition to the feedback that gets translated into action plans, the system keeps adapting to your business, depending on the context and the improvement measures implemented.

Improving resources and efficiency has never been easier 

and requires only 6 weeks

Qualitadd works with you to enhance the governance and quality of your data.

For a total control on your data assets with sustainable data management,
the leading French software editor provides you with a modern, simplified and sovereign digital solution.

An in-house team of technical experts in data governance is involved during deployments,
enabling significant resource savings, so that our customers can focus on high-value activities.


Week 1 and 2
We identify your challenges and integrate your documentation. We conduct interviews with the relevant stakeholders.


Week 3 and 4
We adapt our platform to your needs and singularities. We transfer the skills to you and set up the support.


Week 5 and 6
We feed data into the platform using our import features and connectors. You have the capacity to integrate with your information systems.

Leveraging your assets has never been easier and requires only 6 weeks

data governance and quality

2000€excl. tax/month

Without obligation

  • Unlimited viewing access
  • 24h/24 customized support
  • Dedicated and secure hosting
  • Upgrades included
  • Commitment discount
  • Free access to our events

A solution that brings value to all

The value of our platform is unanimously recognized and praised by our customers compared with other tools:

  • Usability
  • More synergy between contributors
  • Time savings for all
  • Better control on activities
  • Analysis tool maintenance

The Qualitadd data governance and quality platform is a true enterprise solution allowing all of the organization's vital forces to work together and providing value to each contributor.


We chose Qualitadd to take advantage of its ability to integrate with almost all information systems, both internal and external, thanks to its constantly updated connectors.

Fred Tchanqué
Head of Risk Governance – Carrefour

They trust Qualitadd