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Data governance and quality

Risk, audit and control

RGPD and Sapin 2 compliance

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Leading software editor in France, Qualitadd offers
your organization an innovative, collaborative and scalable digital platform
to govern data and its quality, risk management,
as well as audit internal control

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To bring you a sovereign solution suited to your needs and able to federate all your resources and processes, Qualitadd is committed to offering:

  • A centralized and integrated digital solution with features ranging from management to documentation
  • A unified visibility on all the controls in your organization
  • Constantly updated and improved usability
  • A modern and scalable tool at the cutting edge of technology
  • Countless customization options without losing the evolutive maintenance included in the solution
  • Standardized metrics for consistent analytics and data-driven action plans
  • Straightforward payment terms for a scalable experience

User-friendly, collaborative and flexible platform for all industries

The only tool that natively links the worlds of risk management and
governance and data quality,
the digital solution Qualitadd, allows
and Sapin 2 compliance in order to protect and secure your business.
the data collected while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Thanks to constantly updated connectors, our digital tool is also able to integrate with almost all internal and external information systems.

As it keeps benefiting from the market innovations, our solution follows the evolution of your organization while maintaining a level of security and data protection in line with the current state of the art.

During the deployment of our digital solutions, we provide you with an in-house team of technical experts in data governance. This allows you to save significant resources so that you can fully concentrate on your core business.

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How Covéa implemented one of the most successful systems in Europe to better govern and safeguard their data with the Qualitadd platform.

Watch the customer story of
Jérôme Delisle, Data Quality Officer

The modular platform for
3 strategic needs

Data governance and quality

Define roles, a glossary, uses and terms of reference, and prioritize, document and track data

Risk, audit and control

Map processes and risks, assess controls, remediate incidents and manage audit activities

RGPD and Sapin 2 compliance

Raise awareness, formalize processings and analyze their impacts, manage violations and requests

Facing specific challenges related to these topics?

How does a company with one billion euros of turnover create value by managing its data governance system with the Qualitadd platform?

Watch the customer story of
Laetitia Scemama, Data Governance Officer

Discover how a space insurance underwriter modernized its risk management and internal control with Qualitadd
Réunion Aérienne & Spatiale

The Qualitadd technology helps to streamline and manage the activities of employees in France 🇫🇷 and in the UK 🇬🇧.

Feedback from Muriel Kassi, Head of Internal Control and Compliance.