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Governance and data quality

Risk management and internal control

Policies and claims

Internal audit

Evaluation of third parties

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Unified platform

A digital suite for every sector

Qualitadd is the only solution on the market to provide a cross-sector view of the level of data quality and risk in an organisation, making it easy to comply with the regulations relating to your sector of activity. A French pioneer in data management since 2016, our technology remains sovereign and independent.

Qualitadd is committed to providing you with a sovereign, customised solution that enables you to pool all your resources and means:

Powerful playback capabilities

Complete centralisation of your system

Customisation tools to suit you

Simplified history transfer

A scalable and innovative software experience

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Covéa has been implementing its data and regulatory strategy with Qualitadd since 2017

As a result of a partnership that began in 2017, Covéa benefits from one of the most advanced data management systems in Europe. Today, 7,000 pieces of data are monitored by nearly 200 users, more than 2,000 quality checks have been carried out, 30 legal entities are under control and more than 40 days are saved each year in the production of quality indicators.


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Jérôme Delisle
Data Quality Officer, September 2020
"Qualitadd has been identified by our internal audit and by a KPMG study as one of the best data governance solutions on the market."

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Designed for developers

Connectivity and API* high performance

* Application Programming Interface

We design solutions to enable you to industrialise your systems easily and at your own pace, avoiding multiple entries, identifying discrepancies, cataloguing data and listing controls. You gain in efficiency while being supported by our expert teams. We design solutions to enable you to industrialise your systems at your own pace and with ease: avoiding multiple entries, identifying discrepancies, cataloguing data and listing controls.

Powerful import functions

It's not always necessary to set up connectors: our platforms have mass import functions. We can handle automated imports of flat files using batch processing.

Industrialise at your own pace

| Dedicated support

Single point of contact from 9am to 6pm by telephone and 24 hours a day by e-mail

| Documentary database

One-stop sharing and backup centre for your documentation

| 100% Multilingual

Available in English and French, with optional support for all alphabets

| Satisfaction

Regular satisfaction surveys to continually improve our services

| Online help

Provision of a personalised, functional and technical guide

| Educational videos

Customised video sequences to share your users' skills

| Authentication

Set up single sign-on (SSO) with secure Keycloak technology, using OpenID Connect or SAML.

| Search engine

With Elasticsearch, all our software solutions benefit from an intelligent search engine

International scope

French pioneer in data governance

Qualitadd is based on a powerful technology dedicated to governing and ensuring the reliability of organisations' information assets. Our solutions are deployed in organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to CAC40 companies. Qualitadd has dedicated local teams in France, Spain and Morocco, and addresses its international customers through its network of partners.

3 international offices
Presence in 14 countries
50 key account customers
700 unique users per day

Why Qualitadd?

The platform deployed by committed experts

Governance and data quality

We see our system as a central device for controlling and managing your key data. Our aim is to think independently of the sources, volumes or types of information system. Regulatory issues are fully covered: we have a long history of helping European bancassurance operators meet their data compliance challenges.

Risk, audit and control

We industrialise and automate existing systems and replace first-generation tools. We digitalise your systems with innovative and intelligent functionalities: process and risk mapping, 1st and 2nd level controls, incident and remediation database, application of customised methodologies.

Evaluation of third parties

The third-party assessment module is the first digital solution to rely on a human system to ensure complete monitoring of third parties. This means that organisations can concentrate fully on their core business.

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In recent years, the outsourcing of activities in the insurance sector has grown significantly, with major implications in terms of operational and compliance risks. Delegated management has gradually become a strategic issue for insurers.

Against this backdrop, discover the results of the study conducted by Qualitadd and KPMG on outsourcing management in the insurance sector.

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