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How can you manage the risks to your third parties?

For several years now, insurance companies have been outsourcing some or almost all of their contract management activities in order to focus on risk management.
The many technological and regulatory developments currently underway, as well as the health crisis, are strongly accentuating this trend.

Qualitadd, support and safety

Once the tool has been deployed, we support users to ensure rapid adoption. Our solutions are adaptable to all business lines, promoting a common language within the company. We develop security tools to anticipate internal vulnerabilities.

Customisable governance

We can adapt to any size of business, with a wide range of functionalities for monitoring and assigning rights to users. Our fluid user interface encourages collaboration, simplifying governance activities.

French leader, sovereign technology

Qualitadd, a French 100% publisher, offers a national framework for hosting and development. Our solution is the only one on the market to link data governance natively with risk management, audit and internal control activities.

A connected, sustainable and scalable solution

Our tool can be integrated into any information system using a variety of connectors. The Kafka collector agent can be installed quickly, in less than an hour, and ensures the security of data flows on SSL, ISO27001 and HDS-certified French servers.

Qualitadd commits to the management of delegatees

The 6 most delegated activities

The Solvency 2 Directive came into force on 1 January 2016. In particular, this new prudential regime strengthened the requirements for the control of activities outsourced by insurance undertakings, with the obligation to control the risks of outsourced activities as much as if they were carried out in-house.

Claims and underwriting management
Customer relations, telephone reception & CRM
Managing payments and healthcare contributions
Calling up and administrative management of contributions
Affiliation of policyholders, members and subscribers
Customer relations, telephone reception & CRM


A complete, adaptable and accessible module

Lower costs

Building policyholder loyalty

Risk management

Cutting red tape

Regulatory compliance

Refocusing on core business

For smooth, simple and collaborative delegation

Today, controlling and auditing service providers can be time-consuming and very costly

Qualitadd has developed a questionnaire to help its customers manage their service providers. This module is of course compatible with all our solutions.

A questionnaire:

Rate the delegatees on the basis of their responses
To award them a "Badge" accordingly
Plan their audit over time according to their level of "risk

From analytical to assess changes in the rating of delegatees over time and facilitate decision-making on the action to be taken

A total archiving documents

A secure interfacean audit trail and a workflow engine

Industrialise at your own pace with over 40 native connectors and APIs available

| Outlook plug-in

Accessible directly from Outlook to encourage team buy-in

| Documentary database

One-stop sharing and backup centre for your documentation

| 100% Multilingual

Available in English and French, with optional support for all alphabets

| News

Keep up to date with the daily regulatory news that concerns you

| Online help

Provision of a personalised, functional and technical guide

| Educational videos

Customised one-minute sequences for all your use cases

| Dedicated support

Single point of contact from 9am to 6pm by telephone and 24 hours a day by e-mail

| Satisfaction

Regular user satisfaction surveys

| Qualitadd Login

Keycloak authentication server providing secure authentication (OpenIdConnect/saml) with the option of interfacing with the client authentication server (ldap-saml-oauth2-openidconnect...).

| Qualitadd Elastic Search

Enables you to carry out a fast, high-performance, precise search

| Qualitadd Connect

Allows you to easily connect external systems to our solution (Api - Database - ERP). We offer various asynchronous/synchronous connectors that are easy to integrate and can collect and process thousands of pieces of data. We also offer a "Swagger" documentation package that documents all the end-points offered by our Api in case the customer needs to use our apiRest.

Qualitadd Tiers ©

The new generation of third-party management solutions

Qualitadd Tiers© is a module that enables the digital implementation and management of Third Party activity management systems in compliance with insurance regulations.

Getting started

User experience with modern web standards.

Continuous improvement of uses

Regulatory watch, major annual releases and periodic updates.

Platform adapted to the population

An interface dedicated to insurers and a second dedicated to delegatees.

Evaluation of third parties

Qualitadd Tiers ©

Evaluation of third parties

Qualitadd Tiers ©

Managing your subcontractor monitoring system

Pack your third-party evaluation questionnaires tailored to the activities delegated. Follow up each third party's remedial actions following questionnaires and/or on-site checks.

Reduced monitoring costs

Meeting compliance requirements

Verification of contractual commitments

Monitoring sales performance


1600 excl. tax/month

Third-party completeness guarantee

Delegate the completion of your third parties to Qualitadd: a dedicated team will follow up each of your third parties by telephone and email. You can use a dashboard to monitor interactions and reminders. Qualitadd also organises videoconferences to help third parties complete their registration.

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