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Qualitadd GRCi ©

Modernise and automate your risk management and internal control system

Because GRCi also deserves the very best in innovation to bring together all your resources and means, Qualitadd has designed a risk management tool tailored to your needs.

Qualitadd, support and safety

Once the tool has been deployed, we support users to ensure rapid adoption. Our solutions are adaptable to all business lines, promoting a common language within the company. We develop security tools to anticipate internal vulnerabilities.

Customisable governance

We can adapt to any size of business, with a wide range of functionalities for monitoring and assigning rights to users. Our fluid user interface encourages collaboration, simplifying governance activities.

French leader, sovereign technology

Qualitadd, a French 100% publisher, offers a national framework for hosting and development. Our solution is the only one on the market to link data governance natively with risk management, audit and internal control activities.

A connected, sustainable and scalable solution

Our tool can be integrated into any information system using a variety of connectors. The Kafka collector agent can be installed quickly, in less than an hour, and ensures the security of data flows on SSL, ISO27001 and HDS-certified French servers.

Discover the very first intelligent functions integrated with risk management and internal control solutions

With these functions, we want to revolutionise the way you manage and anticipate risk.

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Everything is centralised and integrated, from control to documentation

For a unified experience at 100% of GRCi

By adopting the Qualitadd digital platform, you have access to the best practices on the market, enabling you to manage your risks and your audit and internal control systems.

A fluid, scalable user experience that brings players together in a collaborative way.

It is a veritable social network for GRCi systems: workflows, comments and notifications; with integrated Microsoft Office Online for complete document centralisation.

Our solution offers a unique cross-disciplinary view of risk management and data quality.

Qualitadd GRCi© offers a global perspective that helps to understand how risk management and information quality are interconnected. In other words, the GRC solution helps to identify how information quality issues can influence potential business risks. This overview can be invaluable in making informed decisions and improving the overall management of the business.


Focus on use cases

The Qualitadd team is flexible and professional, and has adapted to our needs. She listens and reacts quickly. This has made it much easier to resolve problems encountered during deployment.

About the platform Qualitadd, it ensures the traceability and safety of our products. content: an elaborate audit trail is proposed. Initially, our GRC system was managed at 100% with office automation tools. Qualitadd's technology has enabled us to to move from a decentralised organisation and a centralised our time-consuming system to optimum centralisation with undeniable time savings.

The Qualitadd platform has also enabled us to create a natural link with our two in London and Paris: it is now easier for us to appreciate the similarities and differences between the 2 processes entities for more appropriate controls.

Aerospace Insurance Industry

A true specialist in aviation and space insurance. La Réunion Aérienne et Spatiale caters for airlines, aerospace manufacturers, airports, satellite and launch operators and all those involved in aviation in general.

APIs & Connectivity

Qualitadd platform open

Access to Swagger documentation to interface your Information Systems and collect all types of content (data and metadata)


APIs & native connectivity with (optional) :

Jira © incident management and ticketing systems

Business Intelligence (BI) tools Qlik, tibco, PowerBI, tableau Sofware...

The Kantik ® fraud detection and anti-money laundering solution

Business Process Management (BPM) solutions

Configuration of Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication mode for easy access to authorised users

Access to the APACHE KAFKA © collection agent with installation of a JDBC driver for setting up APIs in SaaS mode (data and metadata collection)

For an integrated approach to your system

The new generation of Risk Management solutions and Internal Control

Because GRCi also deserves the very best in innovation to bring together all your resources and resources.

Your committed partner

A commitment to results to initialise your system or migrate your current system.


Qualitadd GRCi ©

Modernise and simplify risk management, audit and internal control.

Qualitadd is committed to risk management, audit and internal control. Because GRCi also deserves the very best in innovation.

To bring together all your resources and means:
- Deployment in less than 6 weeks
- Secure access and dedicated support
- Sovereign technology
- Multilingual platform 

An integrated approach to your system

A platform at the cutting edge of expertise, uses and technology.

Getting started:

experience user with the modern standards of the web.

Improvement continued use :

regulatory watch, major releases and updates periodic updates.

Qualitadd is committed to the governance and quality of your data

Detailed presentation of the solution's functionalities

Repository Management

- Organisational entities: Management - Department - Team - Service ...
- Legal entities: Group - Entity - Subsidiary ...
- Macro-Processes - Processes - Sub-Processes
- Information Systems - Application Objects

Internal control

- Campaigns & Multi-campaigns
- Configuration: notifications, messages, recurrences, forecast dates, dates, etc. real.
- Automated alerts and reminders.
- Level 1 and Level 2 controls
- Coordination of Permanent Control
- Control by file, methods & results
- Quantitative and qualitative results
- Option with the data governance and quality module : Data Quality quality management, with a cross-functional view between risk management and the level of data quality

Risk Management

- Risk mapping: Group risk / Local risk / Specific risk
- Risk prioritisation and typology
- Risk management element (RMSE)
- Gross / net / target quotation and configuration rules
- N/N-1 comparison
- Imports/Exports

Incidents and remedies

- Incident database with single form per Incident
- Action plan sheet
- Default historical linking of incidents and action plans to risks and controls
- Workflows, notifications and alerts configurable for incidents and plans action

"We chose Qualitadd to also benefit from the ability to integrate with almost all IS, both internal and external, thanks to constantly updated connectors."

Fred Tchanqué, Head of Risk Governance - Carrefour


Qualitadd GRCi ©


Qualitadd GRCi ©

Benefit from market best practices developed using cutting-edge technologies. Take the next step in the digitisation of your GRCi system, with a solution that offers an integrated, expert, multi-purpose approach.

Support from technical and business experts

Rich, customisable import functionality

Intuitive ergonomics and easy configuration

Multiple methodologies available: level 1 and 2 controls, file-based controls, etc.


790 excl. tax/month

Experimental intelligent functions

Offer users the opportunity to test the new experimental intelligent functionalities integrated into the Qualitadd GRCi © software suite.

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