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The French pioneer in governance solutions

Qualitadd is the French leader and pioneer in expertise and technological solutions to drive business activities.
governance of organisations. As a single, central portal, Qualitadd solutions become
strategic elements to respond to multiple use cases, comply with regulations
and facilitate exchanges and the acculturation of different audiences.

Trace our history

From its creation to the present day, Qualitadd in 7 years.


Creation in Paris

Qualitadd was founded by Badis Matallah, a man with a passion for semantics and the popularisation of complex systems. The explosion in the volume of data, regulatory inflation, the search for opportunities and the media coverage of data leaks are just some of the issues that have prompted organisations to take action. Qualitadd's vocation is to respond to these challenges.


Innovation and a modular approach

The first major organisations have put their trust in us: we are working with them to build a modular approach to our platform, based on use cases and regulatory issues, and we are putting our innovations to the test. Our platform is then used to run the data governance systems of Covéa and CNP Assurances, which are among the most complex in Europe.


Equity investment by institutional investors

French investment fund M Capital is taking a minority stake in Qualitadd in 2018, mainly to strengthen R&D. Victor Chan, Investment Manager says: "We were seduced by the power and user experience of the Qualitadd solution as well as by the vision of the management team and are convinced that it has the means to occupy a European leadership position in a demanding, high depth market."


Development of our modular offerings

Following the success of our data governance, quality and compliance modules, the Qualitadd platform now includes two new modules for managing risk management, audit and internal control activities. Qualitadd has thus become the first European publisher to offer a software package providing a cross-functional view of risk, audit and control, and data quality.


Worldwide acceleration of digitalisation

Faced with an unprecedented health context, organisations were faced with major challenges, particularly when it came to getting people to work together remotely, driven by the constraints of massive teleworking and the need to rapidly digitise certain activities. Qualitadd was therefore in great demand for its digital solutions. The result at the end of 2020: a 169% increase in annual turnover, an additional investment plan of 2 million euros in R&D and almost 40 new recruitments between now and 2023.


Consecration and leadership

With over 8,000 daily users of our solutions worldwide, Qualitadd is continuing to grow by investing in innovation. An Apache Kafka® collection agent has been implemented, making it easy to interface the Qualitadd platform in SaaS mode with any application. And the first module for controlling delegates and monitoring third parties is acquired by the Swiss group Helvetia and the space insurer LRA.


Large-scale deployment

With the expansion of our offerings in Africa, the release of a major new version of our technological framework, the re-engagement of long-standing customers until 2025, and a massive recruitment plan, Qualitadd is mobilising its teams and investors, and is aiming for exceptional commercial growth in 2022.


Expanding our business

Opening of our offices in Barcelona, creation of a third-party solution adapted to the monitoring of subcontractors, design of new intelligent functionalities. Qualitadd is consolidating its offering with the aim of keeping pace with market developments and meeting the needs of its customers.

Our mission: to help companies reveal and exploit their potential

"Since our creation, in 7 years of business, we have never lost a customer. This is the result of an extremely strong collaborative commitment."

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